Rating system

All reviewed movies are rated using a kind of arbitrary rating system. As it is typically used, I rate films using a scale with five ratings. But, instead of using the 5 stars system which is no that revealing (who the heck knows what 3 stars means and the difference with 4 stars?), I have set an original scale of my own, which I find more enlightening:

  • Must see –  These are movies that have “it” and, thus, should be seen by every person who loves movies. There are many things that interact to make a great movie: amazing dialogues, an original and gripping plot, fascinating characters, beautiful shots, among many others. Many movies can have this ingredients but what separates ordinary from must see movies is that the latter generate something in you. They leave you thinking, make you fell things and makes you want to watch them over and over again. There is no easy way to describe it but, just as love, when you know it, you know it.
  • Really nice   Really nice movies are the ones that have all the right pieces in place but, however, fall short to become truly memorable. This, because they are entertaining and riveting but something is missing. In general, these movies are nicely conceived and done but a quote of originality is missing. Thus, even though you end up having a very good time, they fail to create a long lasting impression on you.
  • Just good – Some movies are just entertaining and that’s it. You have a nice time watching them and helps to kill time but they are far from great. The storyline has been done millions of time before, the outcome is predictable, characters are cliched, etc. Nevertheless, they are more than fine and provide quality time for a rainy Saturday afternoon.
  • Not worth it – Other movies are just not worth it. They fail in some many areas that they turn out being dull and overly-cliched pics which cannot even be called entertainment. With so many movie options to select, it doesn’t make sense to waste time on these movies. You should only watch them if you are trapped on a plane for hours with nothing else to do.
  • What were they thinking? – This movie category doesn’t need much explanation. There are movies so bad that you actually wonder how could someone think of it and someone else decided to finance it.