Annie Hall


Genre: Romantic comedy

Director: Woody Allen

Cast: Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

Duration: 1h 33min

Rating: Must see

Woody Allen is one of the most important directors of all time, having a prolific, and also celebrated, filmography. Despite being nominated several time by the Academy for best director, he only managed to achieve this award with only one movie: Annie Hall. Thus, in a sense, one could interpret that this should be his best or, at least, most important movie. I haven’t seen all of Woody Allen’s movies but, from the ones I did, this is probably the best.

Annie Hall is no different from any typical Woody Allen movie. First, it is about relationships and all they good things and hardships they bring with them: coping with solitude, getting to know someone, falling in love, breaking up, getting together again and, even, accepting some people are not meant to be together. Second, the main character is a narcissist, snobbish, neurotic and insecure Jew (a reflection of Woody Allen himself). Third, and last, the movie is a sequence of edgy and intellectual dialogues about life. This time, the storyline follows the ups and downs of the couple formed by the narcissist, snobbish, neurotic and insecure Jewish comedian Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) and Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), a Midwestern insecure and kind of hipster on the rise singer.

In my opinion, from all the Woody Allen movies I’ve seen, this is the one in which all of the above mentioned elements fit best together to deliver a fresh and original story. Every scene offers a revealing insight about life and most of the lines are truly memorable. Also, Woody Allen himself and Diane Keaton are great at their jobs as the main characters and display great chemistry on the screen. In a way, after watching the movie, I was left with the felling that the latter Woody Allen movie are sons of Annie Hall. Every one of them takes a piece of it but never get to build something as brilliant and insightful as Annie Hall is.


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