X-Men: Apocalypse


Genre: Superhero movie

Director: Bryan Singer

Cast:  James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence

Duration: 2h 24min

Rating: Not worth it

Over the years, the X-Men franchise has been a synonym of guaranteed entertainment. Compared to other super hero movie series, like the Avengers, the X Men movies have brought us darker and deeper stories without leaving behind the action. However, after watching Apocalypse, I am wondering whether, after so many movies, the producers are loosing their way and leaning towards the cliche.

I found everything about the movie just bad. First, the plot is really really dull. This time an ancient mutant, who wants to destroy the World for unknown reasons, wakes up and the X-Men have to stop him. As shocking as it may sound, the plot shows just that: how he wakes up, how the X Men prepare to fight him and how they destroy him. Everything in the movie is pretty linear and simple and there is no story or character development whatsoever. Okay, maybe you are thinking that the lack of plot is compensated by nice action scenes. Wrong. Characters spend about 2 hours talking and only the last 20 minutes fighting in the only real action sequence of the movie. No one watches an X-Men movie for the dialogues.

Second, the new characters don’t work. The bad guy played by Oscar Isaac (maybe the man of the year) is, as the story, vey shallow and, also, the new mutants, such as the young versions of Jean Grey, Storm or Cyclops, don’t add much. I think the movie deeply misses the always magnetic Jackman’s Wolverine.

Overall, as you can see I was pretty disappointed with the movie. I was looking for guaranteed entertainment and found guaranteed boredom. I hope the people in charge take this as a sign of alert and get back on track in the next movies (which I am sure there will be).



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