Body of Lies


Genre: International spy movie

Director: Ridley Scott

Cast:  Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe

Duration: 2h 8min

Rating: Really nice

The first time I saw this movie, I was far from impressed finding the plot a bit of a mumbo jumbo that was hard to follow and fully understand. However, I might have been distracted at that time because after re watching the movie later on tv, I changed my mind completely. The second time, the movie was really clever and, most important, engaging. In any case, after watching this movie again on tv recently, I decided Web of Lies has been overlooked in Ridley Scoot’s filmography and, thus, I wanted to use this humble space to mention the merits of the film.

This is an international thriller about the CIA hunting an important terrorist leader in the Middle East. The idea is nothing we haven’t seen before but presented in an original way and with great characters. There are three main players in the movie. Roger Ferris (Di Caprio) is the CIA field officer in Amman, Jordan leading the hunt. He has to constantly deal with his boss, Ed Hoffman (Crowe), a CIA bureaucrat in Washington eager for fast results and who keeps his moves secret. Finally, there is Hani Salaam (Mark Strong) the ruthless yet refined Jordanian Chief of Intelligence. Each character represents a different way to deal with terrorism. In this context, the movie is about the interplay among these three different characters that are forced to cooperate to attain a common goal, but each has its own methods and constantly resort to deceit, lies and double crossing among each other.

Ridley Scott builds a solid movie getting the fundamentals right: a grasping story with twists and turns, interesting dialogues and an awesome cast (the three main characters excel at their performances). The only thing to consider is that it requires the viewer to be focused. Otherwise, you might get lost.


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