Genre: Drama movie

Director: Atom Egoyan

Cast:  Christopher Plummer

Duration: 1h 34min

Rating: Really nice

I found this movie by chance when surfing Netflix a night I wanted to see a movie abut I didn’t know what to watch. I saw this movie, got interested in the plot and, after checking that the people at IMDb gave it a 7.4, I decided to go for it and watch it. Surprisingly, this film turned out to be really interesting.

Remember is a movie about old people: not only it’s main character is old but most of the supporting actors. At first, I was skeptical. The movie starts in a nursing home which led me to think that would lead to a slow story that featured old people talking and talking about their issues. However, to my surprise, it turned out to be a fast paced movie that was a delight to watch. The movie features an old German Jewish immigrant with dementia who, after his wife passes away, decides to search for the German officer responsible for the death of his family at a concentration camp during World War II. So, after a few minutes of introducing the plot and the characters in the nursing home, the film turns into a road movie with a bit of everything: humor, touching moments, suspense, action and some surprises. The plot is fast-paced and doesn’t waste time on parsimonious speeches and life lessons but goes directly to the action (as you can see above, the movie is short being just over an hour and a half).

The success of the movie relies primarily on the work of the enormous Christopher Plummer, an actor who never delivers a bad performance no matter if it’s in a big or small role. He successfully carries the entire weight of the movie, many times in scenes where he is alone.

Overall, Remember is a movie that many probably have never heard of but that I absolutely recommend. It is a bittersweet enjoyable little story, with lovable characters and an ending you would never expect. What else do you need?


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