Genre: Vignette drama movie

Director: Shane Mc Goey

Cast:  Varied and unknown

Duration: 1h 24min

Rating: Really nice

I know you are probably wondering what is this film. Well, I was introduced to this film by the fellows of @people_film who kindly asked me if I wanted to participate in a screening of their new movie. Of course, as a movie lover I am always excited to discover new things and review movies so I accepted and here we are. To your notice, People will be premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival in October.

So, what is the movie about? The film comprises six different vignettes that share the same structure. Every vignette takes place in a single location that features people just talking and where actions are minimal. This can always be a double edged-sword: if the dialogues are not engaging enough, the whole movie crumbles and falls into boredom. However, I must say that People succeeds in this area. The script is fresh, interesting and absorbing. The formula is a simple, yet effective one. Each scene starts with characters talking about seemingly ordinary stuff but then the conversation builds up leading to conflict and tension. What do the characters talk about? Various topics ranging from relationships, family, sex and life itself.

In my opinion, the strength of People is that it is about people. It is not an overly pretentious movie that tries to present us with heroes and a black and white morality but shows grayish individuals in their natural habitat dealing with their ordinary issues. I like movies that try to be realistic and that is something I found in this movie.

What would I have liked to find that is missing? I really wished the dialogues would have been more intense, digging further into the conflicts of the characters. At the end of each vignette, I was left with an empty feeling as if something more was missing. Also, the movie follows a bit of a U turn starting very strongly but then decaying in intensity in the middle to  increase a bit again towards the end. Finally, at the end, the movie tries to wrap everything up and try to connect the different stories. I think the result of this is a bit forced. Instead, I would have liked a stronger and more cathartic end.


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