Wall Street


Genre: Drama

Director: Oliver Stone

Cast:  Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas

Duration: 2h 6min

Rating: Really nice

The other day I was re-watching on tv the sequel to this movie (the really bad one starred by Shia La Beouf – no wonder it was a flop) when it struck me: instead of loosing my time with this (again), I could be watching the first one which is supposed to be good (I thought that for a reason a sequel had been made). And yes, it was good.

The movie tries to give us a glimpse on the madness behind the Wall Street world, a place of greed, competition, betrayal and lust. To do this, the story follows Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), a young stockbroker, that ambitious to move up the ladder and play with the big fish, starts being mentored by the great yet inmoral Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). The movie depicts how Fox goes from taking the good yet slow path to success to taking the bad yet fast path.

The plot is very linear and it is very clear how the movie will flow and conclude. However, the essence of the movie is not the story but in the great dialogues, particularly the ones between the master Gekko and his apprentice Fox. The film is filled with extraordinary phrases like “Money’s only something you need in case you don’t die tomorrow” or “The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good”.

On the whole, I think this is a very solid and enjoyable movie. The atmosphere of Wall Street with its frenzy and absurd extravagnaces is very well recreated by Oliver Stone through the characters. In a sense, think of Wall Street as an 80s Wolf of Wall Street.


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