Fight Club


Genre: Drama with some action and violence

Director: David Fincher

Cast:  Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

Duration: 2h 19min

Rating: Must see

Considering there are not many interesting things going on in the film world right now, I continue to catch up on some of the classics that I am missing to watch. Today is the time of David Fincher’s cult movie Fight Club, a rare gem that should definitely be watched because it tries to do something different.

The plot is a bit hard to explain without revealing too much, so excuse me if I am a little vague in the description. The movie follows a solitary office worker (Norton) with a far from exciting life who meets the eccentric and mysterious soap maker Tyler Durden (Pitt). Together, they decide to start a fight club, a place where men get together to fight against each other. Of course, the fight club is not just about men gathered to satisfy their primitive instincts but it’s a place where frustrated men can escape for a while from their boring and mundane lives. As the story develops and the relationship between the two main characters evolve, we start to learn the real intentions of Tyler Durden and his fight club.

In my opinion, the best of the movie is its plot. Fincher takes us through a wild journey with lots of twists and turns that ultimately leads to an unexpected finale. Also, this riveting story is nicely driven by a bunch of pathetic, miserable and obscure characters, which are very nicely conceived. In this sense, I should highlight the performance of Edward Norton and, specially, Brad Pitt. Pitt’s Tyler Durden is a fascinating character full of excesses, extravagances and debauchery.

As I started my review with, this movie is worth watching because it is unique. Fincher avoids common places, offering an unconventional and original way to set up a film. This is undoubtedly the greatest value of the film. Additionally, as I always like in movies, in the process, the film offers some interesting insights about rules, escaping routine and taking control of your life.


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