Genre: Drama about young people

Director: Christopher Louie

Cast:  Sarah Hyland,  Graham Phillips and  Brett DelBuono

Duration: 1h 32min

Rating: Just good

The first thing I have to say about Netflix’s movie XOXO is that this is not a film about house music (or electronic music, I don’t know the nuances) but about people that happen to be attending an electronic music festival. Of course, the soundtrack is exclusively electronic music but it is not a “lead character” of the movie with a strong and permanent presence. For example,  there is not a big musical scene showing people dancing at the rhythm of a great and powerful song that make you feel the “vibe” of electronic festivals (thing I was really hoping for). Also, the songs played seem a bit too commercial.

The plot follows a series of characters on their way to a big festival: a Youtube DJ who will make his first live appearance, his manager, a young girl who is supposed to meet with a guy she met online, a couple who is about to start a long distance relationship and, finally, an already-a-bit-mature-for-festivals guy who used to be a DJ in the 90s and hates the modern electronic music scene. The movie is set as a choral story which shows the voyage of these different characters on their way to the festival, which is not free from complications and learning a bit about life, love and friendship.

The script of the movie is nothing spectacular that you haven’t seen before and the inspirational dialogues a bit forced. Nevertheless, the movie as a whole is quite an enjoyable ride. As a viewer you get quite immersed following the different characters on their quest to the festival and you really want to keep watching to see how they make it. The pace of the movie is quite fast so there is no time to get bored. As a result, I really had a good time watching the movie.

Note: if you are a die hard house music fan looking for some nice music you would get disappointed. Also, older people who might be unaware of the whole electronic festival frenzy madness can find the movie a bit tedious and silly.


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