Good Will Hunting


Genre: Inspirational drama

Director: Gus Van Sant

Cast: Matt Damon and Robin Williams

Duration: 2h 06min

Rating: Must see

I know Good Will Hunting is a classic movie that almost everyone has watched (well, it won two Oscars, including best screenplay for a reason). Surprisingly, even though I have known the movie for a long time, I just saw it the other day. So basically, I am writing this review for the few ones that have not seen this movie. I must say to that small group that this is a movie you must definitely see.

(Very) briefly the movie is about a troublesome janitor at MIT who also happens to be a genius that, to avoid going to jail, has to attend therapy lessons with an extravagant psychiatrist. The movie revolts around the relationship between the therapist and his rebellious patient and how together they can finally overcome their issues (not only fixing the patient’s problems but the therapist’s issues as well).

The movie flows naturally showing how the relationship between these two troubled individuals builds up from scratch, develops and leads to a cathartic end. In the process, the storyline addresses some interesting existencial questions related to taking risks, building meaningful relations, dealing with losses and, most importantly, knowing what you want in life. Matt Damon and Robin Williams portray their characters in a very natural and convincing way which helps the viewer empathize with what’s going on. As a result, Good Will Hunting is an enjoyable ride that develops nicely and will surely let you thinking.


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