The Nice Guys


Genre: Cop buddy movie

Director: Shane Black

Cast: Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling

Duration: 1h 56min

Rating: Just good

I must admit that initially, when the movie came out I didn’t have much expectations and was not planning to watch it. The idea of watching Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling doing comedy did not appeal to me and, thus, I just let this movie slip. However, after reading the good reviews received by movie critics and the “people” at IMDB, I decided to give it a shot. I must say I was nicely surprised by this movie.

The movie tries to entertain by appealing to a formula that we have seen hundreds of time and has had lots of success like the buddy cop film (Bad Boys, Starsky & Hutch, The Other Guys, Rush Hour, etc. etc.). As usual, this movie features a tough and methodic detective who is paired with a lazy detective more worried about partying and meeting girls (Guess who is who?). While having to deal with their differences, they need to solve a case that initially looks simple but is part of a more complex mess that involves the mob and dirty cops.

I have to admit that the tandem Crowe-Gosling works really well as a couple. They have excellent chemistry and their dialogues together seem natural, as if they knew each other very well. Of course, the storyline is nothing too original and it’s very predictable but there are some very entertaining and funny scenes along the way. Plus, I think that setting the movie in LA in the 70s adds a nice touch to the movie. As a result, the Nice Guys is not a movie that will last in your memory or will teach you something but it is an enjoyable ride.


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