Genre: Classic 90s crime movie

Director: Michael Mann

Cast: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro

Duration: 2h 50min

Rating: Really nice

Simply put, Heat has all you are looking for in a 90s crime movie: a smart criminal and an even smarter detective playing the game of cat-and-mouse, intense shooting scenes, car chases and even a classic 90s chords as soundtrack (if you don’t what I am talking about, check here). The argument is pretty straightforward. After a heist, detective Al Pacino starts investigating a band of robbers lead by Robert De Niro and tries to nail them before they commit their next assault.

The main virtue of the movie is that the plot never deviates from the main argument, focusing on this chasing game between Al Pacino and De Niro. The movie does not looses itself in unnecessary dialogue or deepening much in the personal life of the characters and when it does it is kept brief and functional to the storyline. As a result, the movie is a gripping thriller that keeps the viewer entertained at all time.

So what elevates this movie from a simple crime movie to a classic? Of course the presence of two titans of acting, Al Pacino and De Niro, who deliver solid performances as the detective and the robber, respectively. The movie creates an interesting dialectic between the two characters who acknowledge that they cannot coexist but, yet, admire each other. As the detective by Al Pacino nicely puts it: “I do what I do best, you do what you do best”. The only reason why this movie doesn’t make it to a must see is that the plot is too simple and predictable. In the end, the story is not that original. In any case, the movie delivers some real quality cinema and guaranteed entertainment.


2 thoughts on “Heat

  1. Hello Mr Charles,
    Thanks a lot for the follow on my blog. Apologies for the late reply. I loved Heat when I first saw it. Looking back now, it’s certainly no Godfather, but it has its own high points and I’d say that for fans of high quality acting and the crime genre, this is a quintessential watch. For general fans, maybe not. And how cool is that cafe scene!

    Happy blogging. God bless. 🙂

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