Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice



Genre: Superhero movie

Director: Zack Snyder

Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg

Duration: 2h 31min

Rating: Not worth it

You might be wondering why I have decided to start a movie site reviewing what it is without doubt the disappointment of the year. Well, these types of movies were the ones that motivated to start a blog. It is frustrating when having endless possibilities (and money) studios end up doing movies that are no more than rubbish. Particularly, I feel there is a very distressing trend in Hollywood to turn what are supposed to be nice action movies into these grandiose debates about the big issues of life. Seriously, action flicks are not the place for this, there are already genres that deal with it. Hence, we viewers end up watching this dull and cliches movies drained of all the action.

Given this introduction, this is the chronicle of how you can take a successful franchise as the Nolan’s Batman and completely shatter it. The recipe? Hire a mediocre director (lets face it Zack Snyder has never done anything good since 300, which honestly was not such a great thing either), made terrible cast decisions (Ben Affleck is a good director but his acting leaves much to be desired and what credential does Henry Cavill have) and, most important, make a script with barely no action. The result? A two hours and a half movie movie which has about two hours of unconnected random scenes of people talking nonsense followed by a half an hour action sequence. This sequence is okay but nothing out of the ordinary. Important note: it has on the most ridiculous moments I’ve ever seen. Will not get into detail in case someone still wants to see the movie (yes, the Martha moment).

A final comment, I saw the movie on a plane and almost feel asleep, a remarkable accomplishment.


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